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Join Sean & Extra Life to Heal Kids! It's time for my 4th annual Extra Life 24-hour marathon, this year to benefit Children's Hospital Orange County! If you know what it's about, please donate here to help the children! And now, a st...
An Update from Sean You never expect life to go sideways. When Flash released in mid-July, I had a set plan: pour 3-6 months of solid promotional effort into my debut novel, then evaluate what to do next.
Why We Need Weird Stories In its opening weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $94 million - the 3rd biggest premiere of 2014.
Behind a Book Launch   With Flash now available on Amazon and major online book retailers, I can safely say that a book launch is a curious mix of excitement, sheer hard work, task-juggling, fatigue, and ev...
Audiobook Preview of Flash The audiobook of The Forever Saga: Flash is almost here. Myself, and the narrator, Hollywood film and voice actor Chris A.
"Flash" Release Date & Cover Reveal Today I revealed the official release date and cover of The Forever Saga: Flash 2nd Edition in the June issue of the monthly newsletter.
Aiming High Something about flying captures our imagination. Not the "red-eye flight to Dallas" kind of flying, but the thrilling, filled-with-wonder, explorative kind of journey.
The Biggest Dream Killer The people in my life have no shortage of lofty goals to reach for, from diets to writing books to starting a business.
Living Creatively We live in a time of convenience and anxiety. Technology has given us so many luxuries and possibilities that we often become one of two things: overactive, or overwhelmed.
How They Think It Should Have Ended How I Met Your Mother premiered a month after my wife and I got married, and ended last night - to much controversy.
Just A Little Patience... So, I've finally sent my query letter and materials for The Forever Saga: Flash to literary agents, after several weeks of focused effort.
Are Villains the New Heroes? I tried to like House of Cards. I really did. Until the moment I realized that I couldn't root for the main character.
The Risk of Success  So...I've never actually played the game of Risk - but I'm getting to know its namesake very well.
Friends in High Places I have an amazing opportunity one week from today. Over the past several years, I've followed the blog of Nathan Bransford, a former literary agent turned author.
Making Friends With Failure Failure is not the big, scary, fire-breathing mammoth that we think it is.
The Fast Foods of Art The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. – Pablo Picasso Growing up, I seemed to eat McDonalds, Burger King, and/or Wendy's once or twice a week. The meaty burger.
Play Games, Heal Kids It's been a month since my 3rd annual 24-hour video game fundraiser with my team, the Just Us League of Awesome. I'm not sure, but I think I've finally recovered - and so has my apartment.
Let's Make A Deal I made the decision earlier today: it's time to get a book deal for The Forever Saga: Flash. It's been a long time coming.
Sean's Roundup I've been up to lots of things lately. You know what that means - or maybe not: It's roundup time! My friend Matthew is sick.
The Problem of Compassion Recently, I introduced my friend Matthew Lipp's fundraiser on Facebook. Not long before that, I posted a photo of my once-gnarly beard.
Whatever is Noble, Whatever is True, Whatever is Right... One of my passions as an author is to support worthy causes - and today I'm asking you to join me in helping an extraordinary family.
What's Your Big Book Idea? Most people I know have shared an idea for a book with me.
Why GTA5 is Good (and Bad) Entertainment Today marks the release of Rockstar's latest installment in their flagship video game series, Grand Theft Auto 5. Many of my friends will be playing it for weeks or months.
Where's Our Jetpacks? I hate vacuum cleaner power cords. Every time I turn on the vacuum to clean the carpet, the cord acts as a constant obstacle.
Random Musings - Forever Saga Update: In case you're wondering, I'm working on a new edition of The Forever Saga: Flash.
A Quote About Getting It Done Ever feel like you're doing something great, but it's costing a lot? Like it doesn't make sense to keep going? For my part, sometimes I ask God, "why make me an author? I'm so much better at ev...
Standing Out You may have heard there's nothing new under the sun, that there are no more original stories to tell, and/or that it's all been done before.
Who Gives You a Helping Hand? In my younger days, I would often ride with my Dad in his truck, during which I'd be introduced to all sorts of classic music - The Beatles, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, etc.
The Birth of Robofiction Guillermo del Toro's a creative guy, with directing and producing credits on many established films.
The Secret of Sacrifice Ever hear of the Law of Sacrifice? It states: "To attain something of greater value, one must give up something of lesser value.